Works inside or outside

Double up the fun with the iFishPro Tip up

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They can use their favorite fishing rod
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Our Tip-up can use a Rod & Reel.

(Rod & Reel not included)


Our patented tip-up allows the angler to use their favorite fishing rod & reel rather than trying to manage the fish by hand.

  • One tip-up can be used for all species
  • Rods can be changed as desired - no need to re-spool
  • Fight the fish with the drag-and-back reel features of your rod
  • Prevents frozen or tangled line
  • Great for fishing in very deep water
  • Can be used indoors - sits securely over factory covers

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    iFish Photo Galleries


    After using them it would be hard to go back to using tip ups. You get the real deal, ripping drag fight vs. Yanking them up hand over fist. They worked great the limited time we used them but I’m hoping to get a broader experience using them this coming winter!...
    Ben Brettingen,
    In-Depth Outdoors
    I used one for the first time last winter on LOTW in a shoot we did for late season pike.  The I Fish Pro was a blast to fish as it gave us the option to fight those giant pike on a rod instead of doing the hand over hand with a plain tip up.  I don’t have a lot Continue Reading...
    James Holst,
    In-Depth Outdoors
    As an outfitter and guide, I get to see lots of interesting gear that clients bring up.  Last year, a client brought up multiple I Fish Pro’s and I honestly had my doubts.  But after seeing how well the the “I FISH PRO’s”  worked, I have personally bought them for our outfitting business. They have many applications for us here- Continue Reading...
    Bryon Bogdan,
    Wekusko Falls Lodge
    I love these things! I found them on line at the end of last season and bought them this past December. In NJ we’re allowed 5 lines, 4 of them are now I Fish Pro tip ups. So far this season I’ve used them at -4, and 30mph winds with blowing snow and they’ve performed flawlessly. Following the directions for Continue Reading...
    I used the I Fish Pro for the first time this week.  Wow, what a great product.  It is well designed, worked as advertised and the slap the flag makes on the back of the unit is a great alarm.   By the end of the first day, my head would spin at the “wack”.   I’m pretty sure I’m Continue Reading...
    Scott G.,