Do I leave the bail open or drag set loose on my reel when utilizing the I Fish Pro Tip Up?
This is a very common question we receive here at I Fish Pro. The answer really depends on the conditions you are ice fishing in, and the species you are targeting. However, most anglers choose to keep their bale open when utilizing an I Fish Pro Tip-Up. An alternate method that many anglers are starting to adopt is the use of Baitfeeder or Baitrunner style fishing reels. The Baitfeeder/Baitrunner style fishing reel will allow you to keep your bail closed. These style reels allow any species of fish to grab your bait and swim away with little to no resistance – providing you with the best possible opportunity for a successful hookset. Based on angler feedback, success has been found using both the Okuma Avenger Baitfeeder Reels*, and Shimano Baitrunner Reels*. However, any type of reel with the features mentioned above should work extremely well with the I Fish Pro.
* I Fish Pro is not endorsed by any of the brands mentioned above. This information comes directly from angler feedback while utilizing our product, the I Fish Pro
Do I need Bobber Stops with an I Fish Pro Tip-Up?
Yes, you will need a bobber stop on your line to utilize the I Fish Pro Tip-Up properly.  The use of Bobber Stops allows you to quickly target different depths, or return to the same depth after reeling in your line, or retrieving a fish. To fish with the I Fish Pro your setup/rig will consist of the following:
  • Rod and Reel
  • Bobber Stop (any brand will work)
  • I Fish Pro Slip Stop
  • Lure or Bait
Do I need to use special Tip-Up fishing line with the I Fish Pro?
No, you do not need to use a special tip-up style fishing line with your I Fish Pro. Simply utilize the fishing line you have on your spools as you would if you were Ice Fishing without a Tip-Up.
Do you provide a tracking number?
Yes, upon shipping your I Fish Pro, we will email you a tracking number for confirmation of shipping. Should you experience any issues with your I Fish Pro order, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately to make us aware of your issue. We will work promptly to provide you the level of service you expect from a Family Owned Business.
Does the I Fish Pro Tip Up set the hook for me?
No, the I Fish Pro does not jig, or set the hook for you. The fourteen (14″) spring loaded flag arm on the I Fish Pro unit will raise up when the trigger mechanism has been removed from its set location. Once the flag is raised on the I Fish Pro, simply grab your rod and reel from the I Fish Pro’s built in Rod Holder, and set the hook! You will not need to manage the fish using the traditional hand over hand retrieval method that is most common with other ice fishing tip-ups on the market. With an I Fish Pro you will be reeling in the fish using your own rod and reel, the same way you would if you were ice fishing without a tip-up.
How can I obtain the new style Slip Stops released in 2016?
Prior to 2016, all of our I Fish Pro’s were shipped with a “clip-on” style Slip Stop.  After reviewing and discussing angler feedback, we redesigned the I Fish Pro Slip Stops to eliminate the “clip-on” feature. All new models of I Fish Pro will come with two, newly redesigned, “thread style” slip stops. If you want to purchase the new style Slip Stops for your I Fish Pro, click here.
How do I purchase one of your products online?
We have created a simple, easy to use order process here on To order a new I Fish Pro product, simply navigate to the Buy Now page.  Click on the product you want to purchase and you will be brought to our I Fish Pro online store.  The remaining steps are simple:
  • Determine and Update Quantity
  • Click “Add to Cart”
  • A message will appear on your screen notifying you that a product, or products, have been added to your cart. From this point, you can navigate back to the Buy Now page in order to select any additional products you would like to purchase.
  • If you are ready to checkout, simply click the “View Cart” link, or the shopping cart icon in the top right corner of your screen
  • Review your order and make any changes
  • If ready, click “Proceed to Checkout”
  • Submit your shipping and billing information, and follow on screen prompts
How do I setup my I Fish Pro Tip Up?
The I Fish Pro is extremely easy to set up, and take down. The process to set up consists of four (4) steps. You can download or view the setup instructions right here on our website by clicking here.
How will my I Fish Pro be shipped?
All orders are shipped FedEx SmartPost and usually arrive within three to seven business days depending on the delivery distance from Minnesota. At the time of purchase, you have the option to upgrade your shipping option. Additional upgraded shipping options are FedEx Ground, and FedEx TwoDay Air.
Large Orders may ship FedEx Ground unless you select USPS or upgrade to FedEx TwoDay Air.
We ship FedEx SmartPost (Economy 3-7 days) to the lower 48 States unless you upgrade your shipping option to FedEx Ground (Premium 2-4 days), or FedEx Two Day Air (Express 2 days). Larger orders may ship FedEx ground unless you select USPS or upgrade to FedEx Two Day Air. All orders to AK, HI, PR, and other US Territories, possessions, or Military Locations around the world ship via USPS Priority Mail. Canada and International orders ship via USPS.
Upon shipping your brand new I Fish Pro, we will email you a tracking number for confirmation of shipping. Should you experience any issues with your I Fish Pro order, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately to make us aware. We will work promptly to provide you the level of service you expect.

Is the I Fish Pro Legal in all 50 States?
Yes, the I Fish Pro is legal in all 50 states. Unlike other tip-ups on the market, the I Fish Pro does not automatically Jig or Set the Hook for you. Certain tip-ups on the market may offer automatic Jigging or automatic Hook Setting, which is not legal in all 50 States. Because I Fish Pro does not Jig, or Set the Hook – we are unaware of any legal issues created by Ice Fishing with the I Fish Pro. Please consult your local game warden, or fishing regulations prior to use if you are unsure of the legality of I Fish Pro in your state or on your body of water.
No False Flags…Really?
That is correct! When we developed the idea of improving the Ice Fishing Tip Up design, we also determined, through our own use and angler feedback, the drawbacks of using traditional style tip up systems. False Flags were at the top of that list, and we engineered our tip-ups to only trigger when you get an actual bite. Other tip-ups on the market can have flags tripped by wind and big baits – the I Fish Pro eliminates false flags using our exclusive trigger mechanism, slip stops and built in wind
What are the dimensions of the I Fish Pro Tip-Up?
The I Fish Pro has a base that is twelve inches in diameter (12″), which will cover any six, eight, or ten inch auger hole (6″, 8″, 10″). In addition, the I Fish Pro can be used in a wheelhouse and our twelve inch base (12″) will cover your Catch Cover Holes (if equipped).
The I Fish Pro has a spring loaded flag arm that is fourteen inches in length (14″). The spring loaded flag arm comes equipped with a bright red 3-Dimensional Flag for easy viewing in a variety of conditions.
What is included in the I Fish Pro box?
Your new I Fish Pro comes ready to use, out of box! Included in your packaging you will find an I Fish Pro Unit, Two (2) I Fish Pro Slip Stops, and a Set Up Instructions Sheet.
What is the estimated time for delivery to Canada?
The timeframe for your I Fish Pro order to be delivered to Canada depends on your shipping location. However, you should expect your order eight to ten (8-10) business days from the date we issue you a tracking number. We do have a limited number of retailers, dealer and outfitters in Canada. If you prefer to purchase directly through a Canadian Dealer, please visit our Find A Dealer page.
What is the proper way to write I Fish Pro?
We have seen a variety of ways users are referring to the I Fish Pro, including: iFishPro, iFish Pro, and IFISH PRO. The proper use of our name for branding and marketing purposes should be “I Fish Pro” or “I Fish Pro Tip-Up.”
What Species of Fish can I Catch using an I Fish Pro Tip-Up?
The I Fish Pro is ideal for multiple species! There is no fish too large, or too small for the I Fish Pro Tip Up. By utilizing our light, medium, and heavy trigger settings you can dial in the appropriate trigger sensitivity for fishing a variety of species. So far, we have seen the I Fish Pro being utilized to catch Sturgeon, Lake Trout, Salmon, Northern Pike, Walleyes, Jumbo Perch, Crappies and Bluegills/Sunfish. If you can catch it while on the ice, you can use the I Fish Pro. In addition, the I Fish Pro is a perfect addition to any situation or species where you may want to simply dead stick (no jigging action) and wait for the fish to come to you.
What style, or size fishing rod should I use with my I Fish Pro?
This is a great question, and really it depends on your personal preference as well as the species of fish you are targeting. The rod size isn’t crucial to utilizing the I Fish Pro, most ice anglers will use an Ice Fishing Rod with lengths ranging from twenty four inches up (24″ +).  Additionally, you can utilize your summer rods for targeting large species such as Northern Pike or Sturgeon.
When will my order ship?
If you place your order on our website between 12am and 12pm Central Standard Time, we will ship your order the next business day! This only applies to orders placed on a business day. This does not apply to weekends or holidays.
Where is the I Fish Pro Tip Up Available for purchase?
You can purchase your own I Fish Pro directly from our website, or you can visit one of our many dealers. To locate a dealer new you, simply visit our Find A Dealer page.